Scientific board

Philippe Cornet, membre du Conseil Scientifique de Click4Tag SAS

Philippe Cornet

Former student of ENS Ulm, PhD in Microbiology from Lyon I Claude Bernard faculty and from Mc Gill University, Montreal, held successively positions of biotechnological development supervisor at Sanofi, assistant manager at Chemunex (Chemscan development) and research supervisor at Solabia group, Biokar Diagnostics.

Yves Lévi, membre du Conseil Scientifique de Click4Tag SAS

Yves Lévi

Professor specialist in pharmacy from Paris sud University, held successively positions of assistant manager of central laboratory (Veolia), and then supervisor of a research department at CIRSEE (Suez-Environnement). He is currently part of Santé Publique Environnement group, UMR 8079 Ecology Systematic Evolution, CNRS AgroParisTech. He is member of Technologies academy and Pharmacy national academy, as well as correspondent of Medicine national academy. He is vise president of water academy and president of “Water” specialized expert comity of Agence nationale sécurité sanitaire (ANSES).

Jean-Yves Guedj, membre du Conseil Scientifique de Click4Tag SAS

Jean-Yves Guedj

Graduated of medicine faculty of Montpellier and of Montreal university, held positions of President of Campagnie Française de Gestion de Services et Santé (Sanesco) and of supervisor of AXA Innovation Santé. He is currently Medical Supervisor at Saint Joseph Hospital at Marseille.