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Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel, membre du Conseil Stratégique de Click4Tag SAS

Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel

Creator of 1min30, expert manager in interactive marketing, digital technologies and numerical services since 1996, Gabriel accompanied the launch of several revolutions: 3G, VoD, Triple Play, TV Mobile, Apps Smartphne, Smart Grid, …

In 2012, He created 1min30 agency, expert in Inbound MarketingHaving personally worked with him, Gabriel could concretely estimate all the advantages brought and propose it now at its clients.

Jacques L Deret, membre du Conseil Stratégique de Click4Tag SAS

Jacques L Deret

Jacques L Deret is an expert developer in consumer goods area (food-processing, cosmetics, products and labels for house). After acquiring strong experience within worldwide structures (Sara Lee Corp and SC Johnson), he purchased the Cadum label, where he was CEO under Milestone from 2007 to 2012.

After the transfer of Cadum to L’Oreal, Jacques studied the labels takeover with Milestone. Jacques was designated non-executive Chief of SWANIA (label Maison Verte, O’Cédar, Baranne) in December 2014. Jacques is graduated from ENCP and he is located at Paris.

@ Operating Partner at Milestone-Investisseurs:
@ Vice President at Réseau Entreprendre 93:
@ Founder Art [ ] Collector:

Sabine Dukan, membre du Conseil Stratégique de Click4Tag SAS

Sabine Dukan

Graduated from Ecole des Mines of Saint Etienne and from Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (strategic Master’s degree of Human Resources), she has a strong experience of BToT industry, in international environment and highly competitive (automobile and medical technology for surgery). She has practised positions in production manager, product development by purchase suppliers, and in quality factory manager. She is now manager of Engineering for Medtronic Grenoble ( suture needles manufacturing).

Marie-Laure Guidi, membre du Conseil Stratégique de Click4Tag SAS

Marie-Laure Guidi

Chartered accountant and external auditor, she has a strong experience of nearly 20 years in life sciences, being chartered accountant for Immunotech company. Since the transfer of this company to Beckman Coulter, she supported the development of several start-up such as Innate Pharma, Ipsogen, Inodiag and Trophos. She then decided to create in 2005 an accounting firm specialized in the support of innovative societies in order to develop and apply this skill to another fields of activity.

She currently supports several innovating societies and institutionals from innovation area ( incubators, competitiveness center, SATT, IHU…).

Marie-Laure is also invested in community projects and she is especially manager and secretary of the Réseau Entreprendre Provence. She is now managing IODA Group Consulting , composed of about fifteen qualified collaborators, which intervene at all level for financing innovation.

Didier Noel, membre du Conseil Stratégique de Click4Tag SAS

Didier Noël

Former managing director of TV antenna area of PHILIPS company, former strategy advisor, organization and financing of innovative company at KPMG and currently Business Developer Director at SATT Sud-Est since 2012, Didier NOEL acquired deep knowledge in strategic challenges of technological start-up as well as of ecosystem of innovation (seed fundings, competitiveness center, …).

His present experience gives himself a real expertise in the transfer of technologies from Public Research area.

François Marenghi, membre du Conseil Stratégique de Click4Tag SAS

François Marenghi

Lawyer recognised by the Marseille bar, practised in the past at Fidal and then at Bignon&Lebray, he is currently manager at Taj Société d’Avocats. François MARENGHI has 30 years of experience in Societies Law, Merge and Acquisition, Equity Market and Reorganization from PME and Group of societies.

These last years, François MARENGHI has headed its business creation activity towards innovative companies advices.

Since 2000, He is also one of the french experts in companies created from Public Research in partnership with Business Incubators, Universities and National Public Research Establishments.