QR codes

QR code (Quick Response) is a two dimensional bar code system composed of black unit positioned in a white background square. QR means Quick Response, because code contents can be rapidly decoded. Designed to be read by a bar code reader, a mobile phone, a smartphone, or a webcam. The advantage is to store much more informations than a bar code, and most of all, data are directly recognized by applications, hence allowing easy action such as:

– Surfing towards website, or put website address in an bookmark,

– Add a virtual business card (vCard, MeCard) into contacts, or an events (iCalendar) into electronic calendar,

– Trigger a call towards a phone number or send a SMS,

– Show a geographic localization on Google Maps or Bing Maps,

– Encode a free text.


SAS Click4Tag uses QR codes onto its packaging and products data sheets in order to make easier your future processes such as, ordering new products or updates protocols.