New product Kdo-N3

Commercialization of a new molecule: Kdo-N3 – labeling of Gram negative bacteria lipopolysaccharide.

Participation to the “SympoLegio 2015” Conference

Several members of the Click4Tag team will be pleased to present our technology to the “Sympolegio 2015” Conference that will take place in Lyon from November 17th to 18th, 2015. Click here for more information

Click4Tag : One of the 4 companies highlighted by the INSB

Sometimes, research conducted at CNRS are valued. This is particularly the case for the SAS Click4Tag which CNRS has given an exclusive license for patents related to products sold by the company. To date, 118 companies are from research conducted within the INSB department of CNRS. The INSB decided to highlight four companies and Click4Tag is one of them, showing …

Concentrating pathogenic bacteria accelerates their detection

Rapidly detecting the presence of pathogenic bacteria is essential in a number of sectors, such as the food or cosmetics industries. To guarantee the absence of these bacteria, it is necessary to block batches for 24 to 48 hours before they are put on the market, which can be a handicap. After first developing a method to count bacteria of ...

New product Man2NAc4NAc6-N3

Commercialization of a new molecule: Man2NAc4NAc6-N3 – specific labeling of L. pneumophila lipopolysaccharide.

Participation to the Hydreos technical day.

On Thursday,  September 10th 2015, for the third consecutive year, HYDREOS brings together players from different backgrounds (agribusiness, drinking water transportation, cooling systems) to discuss the water networks problems and health risks that result. Click4Tag company, through its President Sam Dukan, will offer a presentation on the ecology of Legionella during the day. Click here for more information